Potenta dauneaza grav … vederii!

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Diverse

Domnilor (si doamnelor) … atentie la Ochiul drept!(daca cititi acest post pana capat, vedeti si de ce in special ochiul drept :)) )

Viagra and Blindness: Now the FDA is Accusing Pfizer of Covering Up Eye Problems

Just as Pfizer (PFE) appeared to have successfully discredited the notion that Viagra causes vision loss, the FDA has accused the company of covering up eye problems associated with the erectile dysfunction drug. In an audit of Pfizer’s drug side-effect reporting systems, the FDA found the company failed to submit reports of vision loss associated with Viagra in a timely fashion or downgraded the seriousness of those reports even though they involved “blindness” and “visual acuity loss/reduction”

The lesson for managers here is, if you’re going to go around discrediting your critics, you’d better make sure there aren’t any skeletons in your closet while doing so. This skeleton is sizeable: The FDA’s warning letter to Pfizer is 12 pages long and covers multiple record-keeping issues on different drugs; normally they’re only a couple of pages long and focused on a single product.

The FDA found that Pfizer failed to report 11 cases of vision loss linked to Viagra within the 15-day period required by regulations. The company was late in its reporting because it was “misclassifying and/or downgrading reports to non-serious without reasonable justification,” the FDA said. The reports — from consumers who believed they were injured by the drug — included “blindness,” “blind in right eye” and “lost right eye vision”:

Pentru detalii (deloc kinky) vedeti link-ul de mai jos!



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