Statele Unite ale Americii … Socialiste?

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Politica si politici
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Americanul sarac, care nu-si doreste sa munceasca, si al carui nivel de trai este subventionat de stat …. are (prin instrumentul votului) aceleasi drepturi pe care le are si americanul din clasa mijlocie, care munceste si care plateste taxele din care sunt subventionate cheltuieilile sociale. Asta a schimbat fundamentele institutionale pe care SUA au fost construite! Asta este observatia facuta de Mark Faber intr-un interviu la CNBC!
Una dintre (tot mai) multele opinii care ne atrag atentia ca SUA devin tot mai socialiste … iar sintagma Statele Unite Socialiste ale Americii – incepe sa capete contur! Un contur care cel putin deocamdata nu este la fel de bine definit cum este in cazul Uniunii Europene – unde conceputul de “social” lipseste doar din titulatura – in rest – daca ne uitam la majoritatea documentelor  (in care se vorbeste de “modelul social european”) dar mai ales la masurile, proiectele si reglementarile adoptate de Bruxelles – putem vorbi fara a gresi foarte mult de Statele Socialiste ale Europei.

Haideti sa vedem ce spune editorul “Gloom Boom & Doom”

it’s not an issue between democrats and republicans because this are many democrats who are well-to-do people and there are many republicans who are not so affluent. it’s a question of essentially entitlements, the majority of people obviously is not particularly well to do, so they want larger and larger entitlements, transfer payments and work less. and the people that have money are the ones that work very hard, and they don’t want to have transfer payments. so the people that have the money say that 10% of the population that is affluent in the u.s. or maybe just 5% of the populati population, they are outnumbered by the poor people. therefore they have essentially no votes. so the one way to get back at the masses that all get these entitle systems to prints money — entitlements is to print money. by printing money and outsourcing production to china, you disen franchifranchise the class, then asset prices go up. could be real estate, stocks, commodities, whatever it is. and so your asset value increases dramatically, and there is wealth disparity that is increasing. you make it sound like a conspiracy theory. you think that this is an intentional — it’s not conspiracy. but look, if you clearly think about it, if you are well to do in the united states, you is exactly the same vote as someone who doesn’t want to work, that is born illiterate. in america close to 50% of babies are born to twham are not married. and most of them are actually poor. what kind of e what kind of education these people will get? you have to ask yourself. they have the same vote than someone who has, say, influence, and affluence and has worked very hard all his life. these guys who worked very hard to say to themselves has the system is cheating us. we’re going to cheat the system, as well. i guess that’s one view. o what’s happening. it’s a complex issue. we’re at 50% of the people here do not pay taxes. now if you’re at 50% and yet those same 50% will write in and call people that make more than $250,000, that they’re getting a free ride and that they’re — working very hard is one thing. getting money back because of investments you’ve inherit sudden another. i mean, there’s all kinds of reasons that people wind up in good positions and not so great positions. mark, you’ve laid out a very good argument for making sure that we have strong public education. to make sure everyone receives a strong education. what i really wanted to say is the tragedy is that the system has become dysfunctional. and the other day cnbc interviewed mike steinhart. he said it exactly the way it is. he said we’re not living in the america that america used to be. some think changed along the way. and everybody wants to rip off the system. and that leads then to essentially and has also been encouraged by money printing. but basically the well-to-do people in america, they benefit from money printing, as well as elsewhere in the world because they can shift their assets overseas. the ordinary man doesn’t have that potential. that’s true. and hence the disparity that continues to increase and the class warfare and the disenfranchisement that is increasing, as well.


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