Global Talent Index

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Burse, Politica si politici
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Talent remains an important component of countries’ and businesses’ long-term competitiveness. How they develop, attract and retain talent should therefore remain high on the agenda of policymakers and business leaders for the foreseeable future. The Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015 seeks to inform their thinking by assessing talent trends around the world on two dimensions: at the international level through a benchmarking index of talent environments in 60 countries – The Global Talent Index, 2011-2015; and at the enterprise level, determining how executives view the outlook for their own firms’ ability to attract and retain the people they will need. 

THE US IS THE STELLAR GTI PERFORMER, RANKING FIRST IN 2011 AND 2015. The US lead is almost one full point (on a 1-10 scale) in both years over the next best performers. The country’s foremost strengths are the excellence of its universities, the high overall quality of its existing workforce and a meritocratic environment that is relatively unencumbered by restrictive labor regulation. NORDIC AND DEVELOPED

ASIA PACIFIC COUNTRIES ARE ALSO PROMINENT IN THE GTI TOP TEN. Denmark, Finland and Norway figure in the index top five in both 2011 and 2015, and Sweden joins them in the latter year – all thanks in part to their consistent and substantial investment in education from primary through tertiary level. Australia and Singapore are other strong performers, the former due, among other factors, to its high-quality universities and the latter to its openness to international trade and foreign direct investment.

CANADA, CHILE AND TURKEY ARE THE BIGGEST GAINERS BETWEEN 2011 AND 2015. The rankings remain reasonably stable in both years, but noteworthy advances in 2015 are registered by Canada, Chile and Turkey. Improved economic performance is expected to help talent environments improve in these countries, while tough economic conditions contribute to the largest falls in the index in 2015, suffered by Greece and Venezuela.

CHINA OUTPERFORMS OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE INDEX. China rises to 31st place in the GTI in 2015 from 33rd in 2011, but more notable is the five-point improvement in its score – the largest increase in 2015 of any country in the index. A major contributor is an expected increase in the country’s willingness to embrace foreign workers. Brazil also registers considerable improvement between 2011 and 2015, with employment growing quickly, expenditure on education rising and the language skills of the workforce improving.



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