De ce ar putea cadea pietele pana la finele anului?

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Burse
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imagesIngrijorarile prinvind asa-numitul “fiscal clff” si posibilitatea majorarii impozitelor din 2013 ar putea determina investitorii sa-si marcheze profiturile (sau pierderile) pana la finele acestui an. Un astfel de impuls ar putea duce pietele bursiere semnificativ in jos.

The $600 billion of automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled for the beginning of next year includes higher rates for capital gains, making tax-related selling even more appealing than usual.

Sursa: Reuters

Tax-related selling may be behind the weaker trend in the shares of market leader Apple , analysts said. The stock is down 20 percent for the quarter, but it’s still up nearly 32 percent for the year.

Apple dropped 8.9 percent in the past week alone. For a stock that gained more than 25 percent a year for four consecutive years, the embedded capital gains suddenly look like a selling opportunity if one’s tax bill is going to jump sharply just because the calendar changes.



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