Milton Friedman despre inflatie … sau cum sunt oamenii proprii lor inamici cand vine vorba de valoarea banilor

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Burse, Diverse, Politica si politici
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Cum, pe ce cale si cine ne aduce inflatia … ?! Iata ce spune Milton Friedman:

“… Any other attribution to growth in inflation is wrong. Consumers don’t produce it. Producers don’t produce it. Trade unions don’t produce it. Foreign sheiks don’t produce it. Oil imports don’t produce it. What produces it is too much government spending and too much creation of money and nothing else…”

Simplu si genial mi se pare insa modul in care Friedman ne arata de ce noi insine suntem vinovati de … inflatie

(De la minutul 02.06 incolo … dupa aplauze … )

Before you clap, let me point out that the reason why we have to much planed spending and to much printing money is because you people want it. You and I. We are citizens, we run this country. If Congress is been voting higher and higher spending … why? Because is political profitable for them to do it. If they are going to voting for higher spending and not voting the higher taxes to pay for it … why? Because is political profitable for them to do it. We all like to get something from nothing. And so, the political process has been leading to Congress increasing spending, not increasing taxes, and financing the difference by the hidden tax of inflation. I think we are all wise but let’s not blame the others. The problem, you know … the statement of the cartoonist “we have met our enemies and they is us”


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