UK govt plans ‘generous’ tax break for shale gas investment

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Politica si politici
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The UK government has announced plans for a shale gas ‘pad’ allowance, which will see the tax on revenue that companies make from producing shale gas reduced from 62% to 30%. The plans are based on existing allowances for oil and gas production which aim to support almost £14 billion of investment next year and are being touted as the most generous shale incentives in the world.

According to Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne: “We want to create the right conditions for industry to explore and unlock that potential in a way that allows communities to share in the benefits… I want Britain to be a leader of the shale gas revolution because it has the potential to create thousands of jobs and keep energy bills low for millions of people.”


UK govt plans ‘generous’ tax break for shale gas investment


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