Noul val al ofensivei chineze in Europa … Marca “Bought by China”

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Diverse
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China intra tot mai hotarat in Europa cumparand tot ce se poate! Lucru de lauda dealtfel

“After investing heavily in large chunks of many African countries’ economy (to the point that there has been talk of a new kind of neocolonialism), Chinese state-controlled giant trusts are now looking to Europe. In September, it has been announced that Ukraine agreed to rent to a Chinese state-owned conglomerate a sizable swath of arable land, although initial reports that this would represent 5% of Ukraine’s surface, roughly the size of Belgium, have been disputed. The Chinese-administered territory would be leased for 50 years and would be cultivated to produce crops, meat and other agricultural products destined to China.”

But the Chinese would not stop in Eastern Europe. In Sweden, the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, owned by the billionaire Li Shufu, has already bought the ailing Volvo in 2010.

By entering a joint-venture with EDF in building the nuclear plant in England the Chinese would also enter the British energy market, where EDF is dominant, after having bought British Energy in 2009.

More at: Bought by China – how Chinese companies are creeping into the economy of Western countries by proxy…

Doar ca problemel de acasa nu sunt deloc de neglijat!

More at: Eterna si minunata Chină! (etapa acceptarii propriilor probleme!): ”China Prepares Big Bang Financial Reforms”


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